Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Let me start by thanking you for your interest in my photos! It means a lot to me! The aim of this web shop is to in a small scale make it possible for you who like my photos to be able to order an enlargement in an easy way. I’ve built the store myself and tested it to the best of my abilities, so I hope that you will be indulgent if something is not working as it should. The web shop is optimised for a “normal” computer, but should work on mobile devices too. Please contact me if something goes awry, so we can solve the problem together.

I let one of Berlins best photo labs develop my photos on archival photo paper of good quality. It is nevertheless important that you avoid hanging the image in direct sunlight or in a moist environment, as this could have a negative influence on the photo paper and in a worst case scenario could damage the image. I recommend framing the image behind UV-protective glass to protect it from both light and dust. The finished image has my signature in the lower right hand corner, applied by hand after the printing. (Please let me know if you prefer to become the image unsigned.)

Please observe that the printed image could be cropped to fit the format you have chosen. If you have any special wishes regarding sizes, other than those available in the shop, please contact me before you make your purchase.

If you prefer to use your own photo lab or would like to use one of my images in a publication, I can provide a digital image to selected customers. Please contact me for more information.

The photo calendar is printed on a nice glossy paper, but these photos are not developed in a photo lab but printed at a printing house. Despite this different printing technique, I know that many of my customers choose to frame the calendar photos at the end of the year.

This web shop is configured in three languages: Swedish, German and English. Switch language by clicking on the flag in the top right corner on the page. To receive your order confirmation in your preferred language, you need to choose the language before you make your purchase.

When you’ve placed your order a confirmation will be sent to your email address. The confirmation contains information about what you’ve ordered, quantity, prices, invoice- and postal address. If something is incorrect with your order, please contact me immediately on webshop@bleckert.net so we can remedy the problem. You need to be 18 years of age or have your guardians permission to place an order. At the moment I only accept orders from the EU, North America and Australia. If you live somewhere else, please contact me so we can facilitate an order anyway.

The prices in the store are in EUR (Euro) and they are all including 19% German VAT. I reserve the right to change the prices because of price changes at my suppliers and/or that I have made any typos in the store. I’ll contact you, in the rare case that an order should contain any faulty prices, to confirm the price changes before we go through with the purchase. If you’ve already paid the order using a credit card, I’ll of course refund you the entire sum paid. I also reserve the right to update the prices from time to time.


Card payment
You are welcome to pay with card when you place your order. I’m using a payment service called Stripe and you can pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. I’m looking into adding the German EC-card as well as V-Pay in the near future. Your payment is secured and the transaction made unreadable to third parties through the use of SSL/TLS-encryption. You can see that the connection is encrypted through the green padlock in your browser and that the address starts with https://. Your credit card details are not stored here in the shop but sent straight through to the payment service Stripe. Read more about Stripe through this link.

Payment in advance
Within the EU you can also pre-pay your order through a SEPA-transfer to my bank account. Please follow the instructions you receive when you place your order. My account number is also printed at the top of the order confirmation. It is important to choose that the sender and recipient shall share the costs and that the transfer is made in Euros. Please run the transfer within 48 hours of placing your order. If I haven’t received your payment within 7 days after placing your order, the order will be cancelled. I will start to process your order as soon as the payment has reached my account.

An invoice for your order will be sent together with the product you have ordered.

I do not have any finished photo prints on the shelf. When an order is made, I’ll let my local photo lab here in Berlin develop the image in the size that you’ve requested as soon as possible, but it can take a few days depending on their work load. If there are any longer delays, I’ll contact you, of course.


Photo calendar
The price for the photo calendars include postage and packaging.

Photo enlargements
Photo enlargements in size A4 (21x30cm) are delivered in a protective clear plastic cover that is packaged in a reinforced cardboard envelope. Photo enlargements in size 30×45 are delivered in a protective clear plastic cover that is packaged in a protective padded cardboard box of high quality. This box is also very well suited as a gift parcel. Enlargements from 50cm in size are too big for the cardboard box and will be send in a brown cardboard roll, which also gives the image the best protection during transport – but it’s not as stylish as the box. Please leave the image in it’s protective covers until it’s time to frame it, to give it the best protection against dust, fingerprints and dirt. To keep the prices of the single images as low as possible, I’ve decided not to include delivery in the price of every single image. All ordered images will be sent in one box. The delivery fee will be shown when you choose your country on the cart page and the fee includes postage and packaging. Read more about the packaging on the page of the single product. The packaging and postage rates for image orders are:

Photo enlargements up to size A4 (21x30cm):
Within the EU: 5 Euro
Outside the EU: 15 Euro

Photo enlargements larger than size A4 (21x30cm):
Germany: 25 EUR
Sweden and the EU: 35 EUR
Europa outside of the EU: 45 EUR
North America and Australia: 45 EUR

All prices include 19% German VAT

I can also meet you in central Berlin (inside the S-Bahn-Ring) to deliver your order free of charge. To activate the free local pickup just enter my Postal Code in Berlin: 10115 when you write your address during check-out. We’ll arrange a place to meet when I’ve finished your order.

In rare cases the wrong delivery fee can be shown on the cart page. If the fee appears to be completely wrong (for example it’s always 0 EUR for the photo calendar) please try reloading the page by clicking on “Cart” in the menu or go on to the Checkout page, where the correct fee should be shown. If you’re using a handheld device you can also try to open the shop on a “normal” computer instead. Please contact me, should the problems persist, so I can give you a hand.

All orders are sent by mail from Germany, either as a letter or a parcel. Within Germany and to the German border the normal delivery time is 2 working days. I can’t say how long the delivery time will be with the local postal service in your country of residence, but within the EU you should have the package within two weeks of placing your order. Usually earlier. Delivery overseas to North America and Australia can take up to four weeks. Holidays like Christmas can of course affect the delivery time as well. If you plan to give your order to someone as a gift, please plan some extra time for delivery. Especially around Christmas. If you think that the delivery takes an unusual long time, please send me an email.

Should the delivered package be damaged when it reaches you, it’s important that you register a complaint and preferably take a photo of the damaged goods whilst still at the post office. Please contact me as soon as possible through email thereafter.


Photo calendar
According to EU-law you are entitled to cancel your purchase of the photo calendar within 14 days of receiving the product. If you want to cancel your purchase you need to contact me and receive an answer, before you send anything back to me, otherwise your right of return is null and void. When you return the goods the full amount paid will be reimbursed to you, but you will have to pay the postal fees for the return yourself. The returned product, including the original packaging, needs to be in such a condition that I can sell it again. This means that there can be no fingerprints on the calendar images or any other damages at all.

Photo enlargements
The photo enlargements are developed according to the measures you choose when placing the order. For this type of custom-made order the above mentioned right to return the product is not applicable. However, in certain cases I can still agree to returning the image you’ve ordered, minus the production costs. The returned image(s), including the original packaging, needs to be in such a condition that I can sell them again. This means that there can be no fingerprints on the image or any other damages at all. This is especially important to think about if you remove the image from the protective plastic cover in which it is delivered. It is important to me that you as a customer are satisfied with your purchase. Please contact me, should any problems arise, and I’ll try to solve them to the best of my abilities.

Let me in an email know why you don’t accept the shipment and in which way the product does not live up to what you were expecting. The right to reclamation only covers original faults with the product that were present at the time of delivery. This right is not valid when I can’t find anything wrong with the product or when you have caused the damage yourself.

If you do not collect the order at your end, I will charge you for all the fees incurred from sending the package back and fourth. Nor collected orders does not count as a correct return. According to EU-law you must always contact me before you make a return of an order or want to make a reclamation.

In case of a disagreement, we will follow the consumer ombudsman recommendations.

According to EU-law you as a visitor to this web page is entitled to be informed about the usage of cookies on this page. A cookie makes it possible to follow how you use the internet. The cookie is a small text file that the page you visit asks to save in your internet browser, to grant you access to certain functions on the page. It is possible to change the browser settings to stop any cookies to be stored in your browser. On this page cookies (session cookies) are saved in your browser to keep track of logins to the customer account as well as items placed in the shopping cart. I also use the statistical tool Google Analytics to be able to see how many visitors I have in my shop. If you use my website without blocking cookies you also agree to the usage of them.

I do not save or use your personal details for more than to follow through on your order. The personal privacy act is followed at all times. At all times, you have the right to see what is stored about you and to request your details to be corrected or deleted. Please know that I need to store any details necessary to be able to do my accounting. If you have registered a customer account in my store, you can at all times delete this account yourself, or ask me to do it for you. Please note that any orders you’ve made will not be affected if you delete your account. Read more about privacy on the privacy policy page.

I do not take any responsibility for delays or other circumstances that are outside my control, such as industrial action, fire, acts of war, government actions etc.