Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Welcome to the privacy policy for my shop. This page contains information about how I handle the information that’s gathered when you visit and use this webpage.

I value personal integrity and want to protect the integrity of the visitors and users of my homepage.

My aim is to provide you with the information you need to be able to understand how I handle information about you, and that your right of integrity is respected and observed in a satisfactory way.



On this page you’ll find the rules and routines I use to handle the personal information you give me electronically. This includes how personal information is gathered, stored and handled by me. Please read this information thuroughly, since the mere fact that you’re using the website means that you’ve read and accepted my integrity policy.



To be able to develop my homepage I need to see which pages are visited and how often. In the best of circumstances the page shall also remember your language choise when you return. (Touch wood..) That’s why I use cookies. I do however, under no circumstanses use cookies to register indivitual visitors.

If you want to avoid recieving these cookies you can, in most web browsers, block the use of cookies. Find out how to do this under “Help”, or the corresponding, menu in your web browser. Please observe that this could impair the functionality on this and other websites.

If you use my website without blocking cookies you also agree to the usage of them.



In some cases you as the user provide me with your personal information, for example when you correspond with me through e-mail or on social media.

In the context of the Swedish personal information act the personal data that I might gather and save is the following:

Telephone number
Postal address
Any other extra information that you provide me with

The personal information mentioned above can be gathered in these ways:
* Through an online form, filled out on this homepage
* Through an e-mail to me
* When subscribing to my newsletter



I gather and handle personal information in a decent way and according to the law. This information is gathered for specific, stated and legitimate purposes and will not be used any further than that.

I keep the personal information about you for the time that it is needed for the purposes stated when you handed me the information and for what is stated in this document, as long as the law does not require me to keep the information longer. For example, some economic information is archived in accordance with bookkeeping legislation.



I will never sell, trade or pass on personal information about you without your consent.



This privacy policy is only valid for this website ( There are, however, some links on this site that will take you to other websites. These websites are not covered by my privacy policy. I am consequently not responsible for any gathering and handling of data by these external parties. These external websites include, for example, the social media sites where I have an account or a fan-site, where you can contribute information or other contents. It is the privacy policies of these external parties that are in force when you contribute information on these external websites.



I use Google Analytics to measure the number of visitors to my website and to analyse for how long the visitor stays and what pages are visited.

Google Analytics also use cookies (see above). The information that the cookie generates in respect to your usage of the website, and your IP-addres, is sent to Google and saved on their servers. Google can use this information and also share it with other parties. The information can, for example, be used for targeted advertisement on some websites. Read more about Google Analytics on their information page by clicking here. You can also opt-out from Google Analytics by installing a plug in from Google in your browser. You’ll find Google Analytics opt-out program for your browser by following this link.

Please observe that by using my website without blocking Google Analytics you also give your consent for my (and Googles) usage of the data that’s collected whilst you’re on the site – for the purposes described above.



I have to the best of my abilities made this website and its tools as secure as possible, but even after all the safety measures and with the nature of the Internet in mind, one can never talk about 100% security when transfering data.



You can always contact me regarding the information I have and handle regarding you. Here is a list of your rights:

* You can have access to the information I have about you.
* You can have fawlty or incomplete information corrected.
* You can have personal information deleted.
* You can have objections to how I handle your personal data.
* You can cancel the subscription of any future e-mails from me.

To use any of these rights, please send me a request using the contact details below.



I reserve the right to update and change this privacy policy when the need arises. To make sure that you don’t object to the changes made, I encourage you to visit this page on a regular basis.