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How nice to see that you’ve found your way into my little photo store here on the web, where you can order from a selection of my photos printed on high quality archival photo paper by one of Berlins best photo labs. The photos can be ordered straight away in one of the sizes listed here on the homepage, but if you have special wishes regarding format or something else, please do contact me before you place your order.
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I’m publishing more and more of my photos here and one way to explore them is to also have a look at the bottom of each page and click on the keywords there. I get stuck doing that myself sometimes.. 🙂 But first..

With the exhibition “Stadtteile” the focus was on Berlin at night. With long exposures and a special development technique, where I with “digital paint” revealed the motifs and let different well-known sites in the city come to light as in scenes from a dream.

“Hemma - Zu Hause”
With my exhibition “Hemma – Zu Hause”, I wanted to bring the visitor to places and situations where I feel at home. A rushing mountain brook, a crackling fire or, as in the title image, the undulating pasture land in Sörmland. Thoughts of where one feel at home are something that all of us who have emigrated encounter at some point.